Kel-Gor Limited

Modular Process Units

Kel-Gor Limited will fabricate, assemble and prepare your Modular Process Units for shipping.

The savings to pre-fabricate a module are real and our shop offers significant cost reductions over traditional piece by piece erection and assembly at the job site.

All aspects of pre-fabrication, shop work, NDE and modular assembly are overseen by our Quality Inspectors including structural steel, process piping, process equipment, electrical, instrumentation, refractory, insulation and fire-proofing.

We can assist with planning and logistics of shipping, transportation and site erection of the modular process units. We can arrange to ship by truck, by rail and by water.

26.JPGShip by truck.jpgShip by rail.JPGShip by barge.jpgEdmonton PSA skid.JPG