Kel-Gor Limited

Project Management

Kel-Gor Limited will manage the planning, procurement, fabrication and site installation of any project  for our clients.

We manage greenfield projects, restoration and T/A work for refineries, chemical processing, air separation and power producers complete with fabrication and installation for a complete project service.

We plan and schedule your scope of work and in addition to our own direct hire trades, we will hire and/or manage the required subcontractors for our clients.

Kel-Gor Limited has sufficient project management personnel that we can accomadate multiple projects at any given time. We will start by breaking out the fabrication, pre-installation and installation scopes of work so the schedules and personnel required can be addressed in a comprehensive schedule.

Our success has shown how we can consistently finish projects, safely and on time, within planned budgets to give our Clients the confidence they require to plan and execute projects within their business plan.

Major projects we have managed include:

Client Project Description Project Location Pipe Fabrication Steel Fabrication Module Assembly ASME Vessel Fabrication Field Install Year Completed
List of Major Contracts in Last Three Years
Shell Canada Various Major Turnarounds
Catalyst Cracker
Crude Units
Hydrocracker Units
(Value: $35,000,000)
Sarnia YES YES YES YES YES Ongoing
Air Products Fabrication and Erection of 70MSCFD H2 Reformer Unit.
(Value: $25,000,000)
Sarnia YES YES YES YES N0 2010
Imperial Oil Full Maintenance for Major Refinery (Value: $95,000,000)
Various Major Projects (Value: $45,000,000)
Sarnia YES YES YES YES YES Ongoing
Praxair Inc. Various Cold Box and Modular Fabrications
(Value: $4,000,000)
Sarnia YES YES YES YES YES Ongoing
Fluor Corp Pipe Fabrication (P91, Etc.) and Mechanical Installation 500 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. 
(Value: $35,000,000)
Sarnia YES YES YES YES N0 2009
Imperial Oil F606 Ethylene Furnace Convection Box / Breeching Fabrication. (Value: $800,000)
F606 Ethylene Furnace Convection Box / Breeching
Revamp Site Work (Value: $3,500,000)
Corunna YES YES YES YES YES 2010
Nova Chemicals Maintenance Turnarounds.
Cold Side Olefins 2011 TA (Value: $25,000,000)
Corunna YES YES YES YES YES 2011
Suncor Ethanol Plant Fabrication & Erection. (Value: $15,000,000) Corunna YES YES YES N0 YES 2011
Lanxess Various Projects. (Value: $15,000,000) Sarnia YES YES YES N0 N0 Ongoing


Suncor Genesis Project.JPGNOVA 2011 TA Cold Side.JPG