Quality Control

Quality Control


Quality Plan

Kel-Gor Limited management recognizes the importance of producing quality products and services. Our customers expect and demand quality. Our employees take pride in quality and expect it of each other.

Our productivity and cost effectiveness depend on "doing it right the first time and every time". We must be committed to constantly improving quality, with the emphasis on preventing quality problems rather than detecting them after they occur.

The objective of our quality plan/program include the following:

  • To enhance our quality focus and teamwork, and give employees the full means to produce quality products.
  • To improve our production costs by eliminating errors and re-work
  • To always meet or exceed the specified requirements of our customers and of applicable Codes.
  • To be recognized as a high quality producer by our employees, by inspection agencies, by quality auditors, and by our clients.

Please contact us for a full list of Kel-Gor Limited’s qualifications and certifications.

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